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Special Sessions

Researchers interested in organizing special sessions are kindly invited to submit formal proposals to FLINS 2020. Please contact Prof. Irina Perfilieva (Czech Republic) and Kyandoghere Kyamakya (Austria), who are the Special Session Chairs.

A special session proposal should include:

  • Session title
  • Brief description of the scope and motivation
  • Names
  • Contact information
  • Brief biographical information of the organizers

The template for proposal submission is available here in DOC and PDF formats.
Please submit your proposals to or

All papers accepted for Special Sessions will be included in the FLINS 2020 proceedings.

The authors are required to submit their papers to a Special Session following the steps below:

  • Submission by FLINS2020 EasyChair Account indicating the name or the number of the Special Session (in the title of your paper).
  • Inform the Special Session Chairs about your submission including the title of paper, author list and affiliation, and the corresponding author.

The session chairs are responsible for the review process of the papers submitted to their sessions via the Easychair. These papers will be peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers. The accepted papers and Review reports must be submitted to the conference committee.


Special Session List:

  1. Title: Spherical Fuzzy Sets: Control and Decision Theories (SS01)

    Organised and Chaired by: PROF. CENGIZ KAHRAMAN (TURKEY)

  2. Title: _Logic, Computation and Artificial Intelligence (SS02)

    Organised and Chaired by: Yang Xu, Long Hong, Hongjun Zhou, and Shuwei Chen (China)

  3. Title: Soft Computing Techniques in Image Processing (SS03)

    Organised and Chaired by: Irina Perfilieva (Czech Republic) and Javier Montero (Spain)

  4. Title: Advanced Recommender System (SS04)

    Organised and Chaired by: Qian Zhang, Mingsong Mao, and Hua Zuo (Australia)

  5. Title: Multi-view Fusion Technique and Its Applications (SS05)

    Organised and Chaired by: Yan Yang (China)

  6. Title: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion Industry (SS06)

    Organised and Chaired by: Kim Phuc Tran, Sébastien Thomassey, and Xianyi Zeng (France)

  7. Title: Applications of computational intelligence in Power and Energy Systems (SS07)

    Organised and Chaired by: Guidong Zhang and Fan Xie (China)

  8. Title: Big Data analytic on health Data Analysis (SS08)

    Organised and Chaired by: Jinli Cao (Australia)

  9. Title: Intelligence Algorithm and Applications on Unmanned Vehicle and Robots (SS09)

    Organised and Chaired by: Qinglin Sun and Yaping Dai (China)

  10. Title: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security (SS10)

    Organised and Chaired by: Grzegorz Kołaczek (Poland)

  11. Title: Evolving Deep and Transfer Learning Models for Computer Vision and Medical Imaging (SS11)

    Organised and Chaired by: Li Zhang (UK), Chee Peng Lim (Australia), Shengxiang Yang (UK), and Asim Bhatti (Australia)

  12. Title: Advances on Computational Intelligence for Decision Making and Applications (SS12)

    Organised and Chaired by: Ronei Marcos de Moraes, Liliane dos Santos Machado, and Regivan Hugo Nunes Santiago (Brazil)

  13. Title: Interpretable Data-driven Modelling and Inference for Decision Support (SS13)

    Organised and Chaired by: Yu-wang Chen (UK) and Xiaobin Xu (China)

  14. Title: New trends in decision making and computing with words (SS14)

    Organised and Chaired by: Rosa Ma Rodriguez, Luis Martinez, and Alvaro Labella (Spain)

  15. Title: Machine Learning in Statistics (SS15)

    Organised and Chaired by: Huazhen Lin and Kai Xiao (China)

  16. Title: Advancement of Rule-Based Decision Analytics (SS16)

    Organised and Chaired by: Jun Liu, Long-Hao Yang, and Hui Wang (UK)

  17. Title: Managing Uncertainty in Data-Driven Decision Making (SS17)

    Organised and Chaired by: Zhen Zhang, Yucheng Dong, and Yejun Xu (China)

  18. Title: Vision to Language: Toward High-level Visual Understanding (SS18)

    Organised and Chaired by: Hanli Wang, Yang Yang, Pengjie Tang, and Qinyu Li (China)

  19. Title: Advances in Neurocomputing and Machine Learning with Selected Application Case Studies in Classification, Pattern Recognition, Time-Series Forecasting, Image Processing, and Document-Images Enhancement (SS19)

    Organised and Chaired by: Kyandoghere Kyamakya (Austria)

  20. Title: Automatic Control Algorithms and Intelligent Manufacturing (SS20)

    Organised and Chaired by: Yuhong Song (China)

  21. Title: Symposium on intelligent computing for Young Excellents (SS21)

    Organised and Chaired by: Junsheng Zhang and Yunchuan Sun (China)

  22. Title: Social Robots in Households (SS22)

    Organised and Chaired by: Antonio Juliá, Silvia Santano, and Chunrong Yuan (Germany)

  23. Title: Artificial Intelligence Logic and Applications (AILA2020) (SS23)

    Organised and Chaired by: Weixin Xie and Yixiang Chen (China)