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Conference Registration

Registration Fee includes:

  • Presentation of one accepted paper at the Conference FLINS2020/ISKE2020
  • Publication of one accepted paper (within 8 pages) in the World Scientific proceedings (guaranteed only for registration received before April 25 2020)
  • Access to tutorial sessions on August 18, 2020
  • Access to all 3-day FLINS2020/ISEK2020 conference scientific sessions (August 19-21, 2020)
  • Conference Program
  • 3-day lunches
  • Coffee breaks
  • Welcome reception at the TH Köln (August 18, 2020)
  • Cruise along Rhein river (August 19, 2020)
  • Banquet at the Chocolate Museum (August 20, 2020)

Hotel accommodation is not included in the registration fee. Special rates will be provided for FLINS2020/ISEK2020 participants in Cologne.
Visit FLINS2020/ISKE2020 Accommodation for more information.


Author Registration

Author registration is compulsory for proceedings, to be sent by April 25, 2020. In order to be included in the FLINS2020/ISKE2020 proceedings, an appropriate author’s registration and payment for each accepted paper must be received by April 25, 2020. Authors can choose Oral or Poster presentation. The delegates are welcome to attend the conference without paper submission provided that an appropriate full registration fee have been paid.

Please note that attendance is also mandatory to receive the proceedings (you must attend the conference and present your paper in order to receive a hard copy of the conference proceedings).

Each accepted paper should be covered by a conference registration. In case of extra accepted papers without any additional registration, a fee of €100 applies for only one additional paper (without additional copy of the proceedings). Extra copies of proceedings can be bought by €65 each.

Additional pages of papers (more than 8 and no more than 10) imply the payment of €50 per page.

If you are author and need an invitation letter, please send email to “”. An invitation letter can be provided to non-authors only for those registered in the conference.


Student Registration

For student registration, students must send a copy of their student ID by email to: "". Student ID card will be required at conference venue.


Registration and Payment


1. If you wish to pay through the bank transfer, please choose and complete the following registration forms (bank details can be found in the form)


Important note: be sure that the cost of wire transfer is out of the registration fee, that is, please make sure to add the additional transaction fee (it seems €20-€25 depending on the countries and the bank) on top of your registration fee, please double check with your bank about the exact amount of transaction.

Please ensure that the above registration form and the remittance advice notes (quoting FLINS2020/ISEK2020, paper ID and authors details) are emailed to and If it is for author registration, the form and the bank transfer receipt have to be sent to both email addresses above by 25th April, 2020.


For registration for publication, please download here the registration form and fill it out. (registration form in pdf and registration in doc)


2. If you wish to pay through the Credit/Debit card, please fill out the registration form first:

Send the form to and go to the process for payment with credit card in the following:

FLINS2020/ISKE2020 Early registration Before April 24 2020 Late registration After April 24 2020
Regular registration €600 €650
Student only registration (with banquets) €450 €500
Student only registration (without banquets) €350 €400
Publication Fee €180
Each additional hard copy of the conference proceedings €65
Each additional paper (up to 1 paper) €100
Each additional page (beyond 8 pages)
Select €50 for 1 page, €100 for 2 pages, €150 for 3 pages and €200 for 4 pages
€50 €100 €150 €200
Each additional banquet €120